Phoenix Gang Intervention and Prevention
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Gang Prevention Films

Our gang intervention and gang prevention DVDs feature gang-involved young people telling their stories. These videos illustrate key decisions and consequences of key risk factors in young gang members' lives. Each DVD comes with a focused workbook to process the video. These gang prevention films are ideal for use in schools, detention centers, correctional facilities, and community programs.


The Choices video asks students to examine their lives by comparing their lives to the stories of kids who have been incarcerated. This gang prevention and gang intervention resource is designed for younger audiences. This film is also a good introduction and review element for programs with older youth in gang intervention programs — and an excellent gang prevention resource for use with parents of children who are participating in The Phoenix Curriculum. Students will identify what is important in their lives. They will be given positive reasons to consider staying in school and avoiding drugs, gangs, and violence. The film is designed for a group discussion in a classroom setting and includes a workbook. This video is also very helpful as part of a parent education program designed to build family support for young people at risk.

Stories from the Streets

Stories from the Streets shows life stories of young gang members who end up in prison. Members of different gangs, including the Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings, are interviewed. The package includes a workbook and DVD containing three scenarios. Gang issues explored include consequences of joining a gang.

Kids at Risk

Kids at Risk features gang members describing nearly 30 individual risk factors in their own words. Workbook activities address each risk factor and lead to action plans to minimize those risks. This topical gang film is designed for counselors to use flexibly and to select individual risk factors for classroom or group use.

Gang Issues

The Gang Issues video addresses issues such as the decision to join, violent initiations, the experience and consequences of using violence, the consequences of drug dealing, and the experience of incarceration. Interviews with youthful incarcerated gang members provide a powerful starting point for group discussion and use of the supplemental workbook.

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