Phoenix Gang Intervention and Prevention
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This page offers a summary of The Phoenix Curriculum's relevance to Phoenix Gang Intervention Programs. The web site The Phoenix Curriculum is dedicated to prevention resources.

The Phoenix Curriculum is a broad prevention and early intervention curriculum. It is important to understand the difference between intervention and prevention when developing a program. Many of these programs are tailored to school-age prevention and early intervention. For younger audiences, we often use the resources described on this page in gang intervention programs, including as a core program for MI/MET and CBT Gang Intervention Materials programs.

The Phoenix Curriculum provides prevention and more intense intervention components geared to young audiences.

Core Gang Prevention Program

The core gang prevention curriculum is designed for elementary, middle school and high school students (materials available for Grades 4-10). Detailed lesson plans and classroom support materials are included, and the gang prevention curriculum is linked to state core competency standards.

What Do You Think?

The What Do You Think? element is usually sold with the core program.

The goal is providing youth with effective life and social skills, important to self-efficacy, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving, fosters resilience to ATOD use/abuse, violence, and other antisocial behaviors.

Levels of Programming

To provide a pertinent program, programming is focused on different grade levels.

Elementary School

Materials available for Grades 4-5. Detailed lesson plans and classroom support materials are included, and the curriculum is linked to state core competency standards.

Grade 6

Resources specifically designed for sixth graders are designed to apply to the unique circumstances of 6th grade students. A stepping stone between the Elementary School and Middle School programs, the program introduces problems and activities that sixth graders should find easily recognizable.

Middle School

For grades 7 and 8.

High School

An age-relevant prevention/intervention program. Intervention materials tend to be more intensive in this age group. Scenarios are more mature.

What does a core program look like?

Broadly speaking, we provide 50-hour and 25-hour core Phoenix Curriculum programs.

50-Hour Program

The Phoenix Curriculum consists of a core program of five elements with age-appropriate activities:

  1. What's Important To You? — motivational enhancement materials
  2. Understanding Your Feelings — emotional intelligence
  3. Problem Solving — addressing high-risk people, places, things, situations, thoughts, and feelings
  4. Risk Factors — gangs, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure
  5. Protective Factors

25-Hour Program

A shorter program emphasizing risk factors and protective factors is suitable for many facilities. Students who take this program are less at-risk than those above. This may be suitable for a detention or probation program, especially when hours might be limited.

Intervention Program

The gang intervention curriculum provides elementary, middle, and high schools with classroom and counseling-based curricula, designed for the higher risk students, and targeting the highest risk factors. It provides multiple school-based antigang strategies, with 100-150 hours of materials at each level. It addresses areas such as gang activity, bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse, anger, aggression, and violence. Gender-specific antigang strategies for gang intervention, gang prevention, and gang resistance, with selected gang program materials in Spanish. Several videos and accompanying workbooks supplement the school gang curriculum. Counselors' gang programí resources include tools for overcoming resistance and guiding the process of individual change.

Workbooks include: Change, Gang Awareness, Getting Away From The Gang, Gang Intervention, Gang Issues: Girls Program, Parents' Curriculum, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Programas Comunadarios ("Community Programs"), Program Activity, and What Do You Think?

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