Phoenix Gang Intervention and Prevention
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Self-Discovery provides an introduction to treatment, material for reducing resistance, and identifying underlying areas of vulnerability. It starts the process of identifying and addressing issues underlying substance abuse and similar dependencies. These resources are used in gang intervention programs, including as a core program for MI/MET and CBT Gang Intervention Materials programs.

Catalog Code Title
SD1 What’s Treatment All About?
SD2 “What Went Wrong?”
SD3 Get stronger! Deal With Stress and Trauma in Your Life
SD4n Facing Your Grief
SD5 Understanding Your Dependencies
SD6 Reasons to Change
SD7a My Life Story, Part 1
SD7b My Life Story, Part 2
SD10 Reducing Consequences
SD11/DP9 “What’s Going On In My Life?”
SD12/RH25/DP8/CP8 Key Elements of Change

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