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Probation and Parole Resources For Gang Intervention

Probation-based gang intervention programs are provided with a range of specific resources which target the key risk factors underlying gang involvement and juvenile delinquency (materials are also suitable for parole programs). Programs can be tailored to specific program, facility, department or gang unit needs (e.g., gang prevention or intervention).

These program resources are based on state-of-the-art evidence-based models for gang intervention and gang prevention programs. They include significant elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET), including specific tools for motivational interviewing (MI) in each of the workbooks. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) promotes re-evaluation of dysfunctional emotions and behaviors to bring about change. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) seeks to promote change by making the client aware of problems and consequences of behavior. The motivational interviewing (MI) tools we provide are non-confrontational and gently provoke awareness. We can work with you to customize a gang intervention curriculum using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET) techniques specifically to the needs of your facility or community gang prevention or intervention program (see specific information about motivational enhancement, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral therapy in gang intervention and gang prevention programs).

Program Packages

The Phoenix Curriculum (25 hours) — focuses on risk factors and protective factors [more]

Preparation for Treatment — approximately 20 hours of material that prepares clients for further programming [more]

Self-Management Curriculum — 20 hours of programming designed for detention settings [more]

The New Freedom Flex Curriculum — 23 hours of programming includes selected MI tools, based on 7 short workbooks [more]

Risks and Decisions — 30 hours of programming targets risk factors, with fully-scripted lesson plans [more]

Films — one of our most exciting new offers is our four new films for gang intervention and prevention programs, our films deal with contemporary gang issues. Four titles available: Stories from the Streets, Kids at Risk, Gang Issues, and Choices. [more]

Related/Integrated Program Areas

Alternative Schools — antigang strategies and curricular options for alternative schools. [more]

Spanish Language Resources — we offer many programs for Spanish speaking gang members, as well as counselors working in gang intervention and gang prevention programs. [more]

Female Gang Issues — Gender-specific resources can be used in probation programs. Our programs for juvenile females can be tailored to fit your program needs. Resources address needs and risk factors underlying joining a gang, gang involvement, gang violence, leaving a gang, and the gang "mindset." [more]

Where Our Programs Work

As the provider of more than 1000 programs nationwide, we have developed nearly 100 different resources targeted specifically at gang prevention and gang intervention issues. This allows us to help you by tailoring the materials to your specific probation and parole program needs. The materials all use motivational interviewing/motivational enhancement (MI/MET) and cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) strategies, as described above. Among the probation-based gang intervention program options we provide are resources and models designed for:

  • Facility-based programs
  • Curriculums tailored for alternative school programs
  • Curriculums tailored for day reporting programs
  • Curriculums tailored for halfway houses
  • Curriculums tailored for group homes
  • Curriculums tailored for detention centers
  • After-school programs
  • Weekend programs
  • Transition programs
  • Conditional release programs
  • Juvenile parole programs
  • Classroom-based programs eligible for high school credit
  • Resources tailored for presentation by probation officers
  • Resources tailored for presentation by parole officers
  • Male and female gender-specific programs for probation and parole
  • Programs tailored for older and younger participants in gang prevention and intervention programs
  • Programs tailored for youth with learning handicaps
  • Programs based on motivational interviewing/motivational enhancement (MI/MET) and cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) theory (get more information here)
  • Programs which are designed specifically for "closed groups," "open groups," and classroom use
  • Spanish-language programs
  • Resources for parents of youth in the program

Please contact us for more information on specific program models, pre-post tests, competency checklists, sample materials, and logic models.

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