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Our pricing structure is designed to accomodate the client's needs. Our program package costs are affordable, starting at $595!

Most important, however, is that all of our materials are provided under a site license allowing your staff to make unlimited copies of use in programs conducted on your site. This means you do not need to re-order additional workbooks or other materials. This one-time cost feature may be especially attractive in programs which are funded by grant or operate under state or departmental budget limitations.

Our Prices

Our programs are tailored very specifically to the client's needs. Pre-selected packages noted on the web site and our marketing material offer guidance concerning overall costs. Many of our customers are eligible for significant discounts from the listed price. Updated prices can be found in our marketing sheets. These are made available in PDF format.

Purchasing our materials can offer years of cost savings, especially for programs that depend on grants. Thanks to the structure of our site license, materials purchased with grant money one year can be duplicated for years. If your facility is offered a one-time grant, the grant can be used to purchase materials that can be duplicated for years after the grant money has been spent. A facility is not required to purchase new materials the next year.

Cost Illustrations and Discounts

Our current costs for a single facility range by the number of hours and the size of the program. For longer programs, smaller facilities, and multiple-facility programs, our per hour cost is further reduced. We accept purchase orders, major credit cards, or payment by check. Contact us for specific price quotes for your facility.

Program hours can be estimated by using the numbers provided in our New Freedom Resource Manual for each workbook or similar resource. For reference, each program hour is approximately 5-7 workbook pages.

Further Information

For information about program features, success stories, and other services, click here. If you are ready to consult with us directly about our materials and services, fill out this form.

Consultation Form — this form allows you to tell us about your facility so we can help tailor a program package for you. [more]

Contact Form — use for asking short questions. [more]

Resource Catalog — a PDF listing of all of our resources. The last eight pages include Spanish language resources. [PDF]

Phoenix Curriculum Catalog — marketing piece explaining The Phoenix Curriculum in detail. [PDF]

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