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A series of workbooks that address needs and risk factors underling joining a gang, gang involvement, leaving a gang, and the gang "mind set." Participants identify their personal risk factors and develop action plans to address these issues.

Alternative School Core Curriculum Resource

The New Freedom/Phoenix 100 Session Program, a comprehensive anti-delinquency resource designed for high school programs targeted to high-risk students. Model program includes 100 one-hour lessons organized into five 20-lesson modules. Shorter and tailored versions are available. Curriculum includes CBT and MI, and focuses on key risk and protective factors. Comprehensive gang intervention element available to support this model. For more information on this exciting new program, please contact us.

Initial Treatment Programming

Initial treatment programming through our Preparation for Treatment correctional, parole, school, and community program resources. These resources are tailored for participants new to programming, resistant, defiant, or in denial. Motivational interviewing/motivational enhancement (MI/MET) elements are incorporated in all of the initial treatment programming resources.

A useful approach to gang intervention programming is to build on The Phoenix Curriculum, the Self-Discovery program, and the CBT Functional Thinking program. These correctional, parole, school, and community resources develop cognitive change and prepare the participants for specific gang intervention programming. The inclusion of motivational interviewing (MI) tools in the curriculum makes it easy for the staff to address key stages of changes issues.

Intervention Programming Areas

Gang Intervention Workbooks — specific gang intervention resources with a heavy cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) emphasis.

Sample titles include:

  • What Was On Your Mind? — challenges the gang mindset
  • What Do You Need? — needs and gangs
  • Living a Nonviolent Life 1 and 2
  • Understanding Yourself 1 and 2 — risk factors approach
  • Reducing Your Risk
  • Criminal Values
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Coping Skills for Emergencies
  • You Have Options!
  • Getting Out of The Gang

When creating a comprehensive, intensive Motivational Interviewing/Motivational Enhancement (MI/MET) and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) gang intervention curriculum, these materials are essential. [more]

Coping Skills for Self-Efficacy — successful gang intervention programs build on the mastery of critical coping skills for dealing with high-risk people, places, things, and situations, as well as internal triggers. We provide more than a dozen helpful correctional, parole, school, and community coping skills resources. [more]

Returning Home Program Resources for Gang Intervention — for participants leaving residential and correctional programs, these resources provide a strong transition for community reintegration. They can be used in the facility or in a parole/aftercare setting. With more than two dozen different workbooks, these resources can provide more than 120 program sessions. [more]

Dual Diagnosis and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs — behavioral health and substance abuse treatment program resources (male and female versions). Includes detailed treatment and planning guidance. These materials are important to address in a gang intervention curriculum, whether a community program or a corrections program. [more]

Female Gang Issues — comprehensive gender-specific antigang strategies for female gang members (in youth gangs and prison gangs). Resources address needs and risk factors underlying joining a gang, gang involvement, gang violence, leaving a gang, substance abuse, and the gang "mindset." These antigang strategies help participants identify their personal risk factors and develop action plans to address them. Programming available for juveniles at risk for joining girl gangs as well as adult gang intervention programs in the correctional setting. [more]

Anger, Aggression, and Violence — Anger and gang violence resources for gang intervention and gang prevention programs address risk factors underlying aggression and violence. Participants identify their personal triggers and risk factors and develop action plans to address these issues. Skill-building practice in avoiding violence, refusal skills, and conflict resolution. [more]

Diversion and Drug Court — highly successful diversion and probation programs are currently using these resources for gang intervention. Please contact us for details and references. [more]

Detention — a wide range of short-stay and extended treatment detention center and other community program packages. Easy to tailor to federal stimulus programs. [more]

Films — one of our most exciting new offers is our four new films for gang intervention and prevention programs. They are flexible, and can be screened in community and corrections settings. [more]

Adult Gangs & Prison Gangs Intervention — gang violence in prisons and other corrections settings can be staggering. Our resources and curriculums can help correctional institutions address prison gangs. [more]

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