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About This Site

On this page, we'll attempt to answer any questions you have. If you're unsure as to what you need, we'll try to guide you to the correct material.

Program Features

Our programs have the following benefits:

  • Primarily workbook-based, supplemented by checklists, activity card, and skill-building activities.
  • Most materials have a grade 4-6 reading level.
  • We provide detailed behaviorally-stated objectives and lesson plans, allowing for monitoring of progress and results, and easy program documentation.
  • Supports both individual and group counseling.
  • All of our resources can be selected flexibly and tailored to meet your specific program needs.
  • Low operation costs (when you buy these materials, you receive a "site license" giving you the rights for unlimited duplication for use at a given site).
  • We provide significant cost savings for longer programs and multiple-facility programs.

Program Content

  • Our sources build on cognitive-behavioral (CBT), motivation enhancement (MET), risk factors management, relapse prevention, and social learning treatment concepts.
  • These materials provide a logical progression, addressing defensiveness, then cognitive change issues, addressing thoughts and feelings. When the client is ready to learn new approaches, we provide guidance in mastering new problem solving, thinking, and coping skills. A critical goal is increasing self-confidence and resilience (self-efficacy) in addressing client-specific risk factors - a critical part of the relapse prevention.

Success Stories

To date, we have had significant results in two of our substance abuse correctional programs-- a decrease in recidivism from approximately 67% to 11% and 15% respectively.

Customer satisfaction has been extraordinarily high. We encourage as much feedback as possible from both organizations buying our material and their clients. Feedback allows us to continue to improve upon our program.

How may we serve you?

What is the difference between intervention and prevention?

The Department of Justice and other agencies often make the following distinctions:

  • primary prevention is designed to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors in young people in medium and high risk areas.
  • secondary prevention resources are targeted toward young people who have already displayed early signs of problem behavior or who are exposed to a significant set of family, community, neighborhood, school, and personal risk factors.
  • tertiary prevention or intervention involves high-risk or gang-involved youth includes community-based programs as well as alternative schools, juvenile correctional settings, group homes, halfway houses, parole programs, and probation agencies.

The difference between prevention and intervention is probably a matter of degree! Even with people who have a history of gang involvement, our objectives still include a desire to prevent further problems. Programs need to select and implement resources tailored to the specific population they are serving. [more]

Do you need help designing your own curriculum tailored to your time limitations and specific program objectives?

We can help you develop a curriculum that's just right. [more]

Do you need your program to be tailored to your state curriculum content standards?

Your educational programs provide an additional opportunity to address gang and substance abuse issues. Within the educational and vocational classroom setting, your facility can provide significant intervention and education on these issues. We can make it easier to implement education-based programming by working with your staff to identify specific learning objectives or links to state-approved curriculum content standards.

Our curriculum has been qualified for high school credits ("Carnegie Credits") allowing classroom teachers to use these materials as part of the regular curriculum.

Do you need structured lesson plans to assist staff and group leaders?

When you do business with us, you get everything you need.

All of our materials include lesson plans, behaviorally-stated objectives, and other tools for group leaders, teachers, and supervisors. With this support, many materials can even be used by para-professionals and even peer counselors. We identify key activities, making it easy for faculty, group leaders, or supervisors to review written responses for completeness, insight, or understanding - or to guide individual or group counseling.

Do you have budgeting limitations?

Our programs are priced to be flexible, effective, and affordable. [more]

Do you need in-service training?

It's rare for our customers to need in-service training. When you buy from us, we tailor our materials to your organization and its needs. In most cases, our material should be effective with many different types of counselors across many different contexts.

If you need in-service training, however, we're happy to refer you to professionals who have successfully implemented this program.

Do you need support in designing program evaluation materials?

Since we would like to demonstrate significant success in the other program areas, we offer our support in designing program evaluation materials. We will work with your agency staff and/or external program evaluators to design pre-post test materials, or other instruments.

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