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Community-Based Programs

We provide over 500 workbooks, program activity materials, and similar curriculum resources to over 1000 programs nationwide. Many of the organizations that purchase from us are community programs for community-based organizations (CBOs). Our curriculum resources are especially affordable, as we provide these materials under a specific "site license" which gives you the rights to make unlimited copies for use at the designated site. You can buy gang intervention and gang prevention resources, curriculum, or workbooks with this yearís funds and use them for years.

Community-based programs (sometimes simply called community programs) are programs run by community-based organizations, or CBOs. These non-government, usually non-profit, organizations that play an essential role in the community. Many of our programs are tailored to the needs of such organizations. On this page, you will find information about:

Our evidence-based curriculum resources address the most critical personal, environmental, and community risk factors, and build on the most important protective factors and assets. They are based on time-proven concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement (MET), the social learning model, and key coping and problem solving skills for both positive social development and relapse prevention (self-efficacy). The workbooks are easy to implement by community volunteers, as well as educators, community police officers, counselors, and other professionals. These evidence-based workbooks assist staff and clients in identifying specific issues and developing concrete alternatives. Our resources include gender-specific materials for women, and over 50 workbooks are available in Spanish. We also provide ice-breaking and "program start-up" activities appropriate to different age groups and certain workbooks are also provided in elementary, middle school, and high school-aged versions - as well as for adult men and women.

Community Youth Core Program

Core program: nine workbooks, written at a Grade 3-4 reading level, address the most common risk factors and issues, and can be supplemented by selected substance abuse treatment, gangs, anger/violence, and life skills curriculum resources. The basic program includes our "site license," allowing unlimited duplication for programs at your site. The price for multiple site, shorter, or extended programs depends on materials selected. Community-based programs and community-based organizations (CBOs) may find these resources useful.

  • "What's going on in my life?" Introductory workbook helps identify feelings, issues, and risk factors, reducing resistance, and beginning the process of personal awareness and change. Based on motivational enhancement (MET model). We also provide a set of "warm-up" or treatment readiness activities: "Whatís important to you?"
  • You have options! Risk factors-based workbook for high risk youth. Clients identify problem situations and practice options to substance abuse or violence. Action planning and asset-building activities support community program.
  • Coping skills for emergencies. Participants learn to identify their own highest risk situations, the cues that they are becoming at higher risk, what they will do to cope effectively, and then practice these new coping skills until they are confident they will work. Skills include: thought stopping, conflict avoidance, "escape" skills, and "refusal skills."
  • Letís talk about feelings. Specific feelings (anger, anxiety or fear, low-self-esteem/shame, hurt, and loneliness) are addressed in activities which help young clients identify and experience feelings safely.
  • Gangs. Short workbook helps youth identify gang issues and options to participation. (extended program available)
  • Violence at home. Short workbook helps clients understand family violence and itsí consequences. Helps clients identify safe choices and available options.
  • Problems at home. This short workbook is designed to help clients start to discuss family issues (neglect, abuse, abandonment, or addictions) with program staff.
  • Avoiding trouble (when you are with others). Peer pressure and poor choices often lead to trouble. This workbook identifies common problems and solutions, and provides twenty typical situations for practice of effective coping skills.
  • Problem Solving 1-2-3. Using basic problem solving model, presents 54 community problem situations for practice.

Community Youth Substance Abuse Program

The Basic Substance Abuse program ("Key Elements of Change - for a better life") program includes risk factors management and asset building. An evidence-based eight-session workbook that is supplemented by "What you need to know," basic chemical dependency education which provides accurate information to counter "street" information.

Other Community-Based Programs

The program areas below should be of interest to government agencies and community-based organizations alike.

Detention — a wide range of short-stay and extended treatment detention center program packages. Easy to tailor to federal stimulus programs, and popular in community programs run by government agencies and community-based organizations (CBOs). [more]

Probation/Parole — a wide range of probation program packages. Easy to tailor to federal stimulus programs, these resources are popular with community programs run by government agencies or community-based organizations (CBOs). [more]

Diversion and Drug Court — highly successful community programs, diversion programs, community-based organizations (CBOs), and probation programs are currently using these resources for gang intervention. Please contact us for details and references. [more]

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