Phoenix Gang Intervention and Prevention
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Our gang prevention and gang intervention resources have been used in hundreds of schools and alternative schools nationwide. For example, the Governor of New Jersey provided the elementary and sixth grade versions of the core Phoenix Curriculum gang prevention program to 100 schools (every school in the cities of Newark, Trenton, and Camden). These materials are suitable for day reporting programs.

As we provide more than 100 gang intervention and gang prevention program resources, alternative school programs for gang prevention and gang intervention can be tailored to address specific populations and needs:

  • the age and grade of the students (we provide four different levels of curriculum: Elementary school, Sixth Grade, Middle School, and High School) determines whether they are for gang prevention or gang intervention (see the difference); all materials are provided in high-interest, easy-reading format.
  • the degree of need and intensity (we provide each of the above versions in 25-lesson and 50-lesson versions). High risk students or high risk schools should use the more intensive curriculum for example. We also provide dozens of curriculum options for school-based gang intervention.
  • teacher-ready lesson plans for all lessons. We can also provide assistance linking the curriculum to your state core curriculum competency standards for life skills, language arts, and health. The Phoenix Gang Intervention resources were accepted for Carnegie High School credits by the New Jersey State Department of Education, for example.
  • chapter tests, review tests, and pre-post instruments.
  • gang prevention and gang intervention videos and video-based lessons, with accompanying worksheets
  • core alternative schools and day reporting gang prevention curriculum in English and in Spanish
  • a wide range of gang intervention elements — also provided in English and in Spanish
  • gang intervention elements tailored to grade level and level of risk
  • gang intervention elements tailored to specific needs and risk factors
  • male and female gender-specific gang intervention elements
  • a series of videos and accompanying worksheets, targeted to different age/grade levels (elementary, middle, and high schools)
  • intervention resources tailored for school-based counseling programs
  • supplemental resources addressing peer pressure, bullying, and anger, aggression, and violence - with different packages for various grade levels,
  • MI/MET and CBT-based resources for more intensive gang intervention programs, which include counseling-based resources, "preparation for treatment' resources, and specific tools for social workers and counselors in alternative schools
  • resources for parents of students participating in an alternative schools curriculum
  • programs tailored for day reporting programs and alternative schools focusing on gang intervention issues

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